IPICO Chip Timing



In order to ensure that your time is accurate and that your chip functions properly you must correctly attach it to your shoe. You are provided with wire ties with your chip at race sign up. These should be inserted under your shoe laces and bent so they are pointing up.

You should then attach the chip by putting the wire ties through the holes and twisting them together to securly fasten the chip to your shoe. Below is a picture of a chip properly attached to a shoe.


Be sure that you don't attach the chip too tightly as bending it can damage the internal electronics inside and prevent it from reading. This is why it is very important to use wire ties rather than running your shoe laces through the chip. In addition, it doesn't matter which side of the chip faces up, it will read either way.

Pictured below is a chip that was attached to a shoe near the toe using the shoe's laces. The constant flexing of the shoe caused the chip to break in half. It is important to attach the chip to your shoe properly in order to avoid damage.